Per Alexandersson

List of publications and preprints

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Student projects I have supervised

  • Daniel Kurland An Exploration of Key Polynomials. Honors' thesis 2015, University of Pennsylvania.
  • Linus Jordan Enumeration of border-strip decompositions Bachelor thesis 2018, KTH. This has been extended and published as a joint paper.
  • Joakim Uhlin, Combinatorics of Macdonald Polynomials and Cyclic Sieving Master thesis 2019, KTH. This has been extended and published as a joint paper.
  • Basam Al Naschéa Cyclic Sieving Phenomenon on Colorings of Cycle Graphs Bachelor thesis 2020, SU.
  • Benjamin Khademi Cyclic sieving on closed walks in abelian Cayley graphs Bachelor thesis 2020, SU.
  • Martin Willert Three Families Indexed by Catalan Objects Bachelor thesis 2020, SU.
  • Can Izgi Den linjära programmeringens fader Bachelor thesis 2021, SU.